The Jacobs Brothers Biographies
MIKE LAWVER - Mike's piano playing and singing talents are enhanced by his quiet, congenial nature. Mike is a graduate of Messiah College and holds a degree in Biblical Literature. He has sung with the Jacobs Brothers since 1972. He writes the musical arrangements for the groupís CDs and takes care of their vehicle maintenance and handling of CDs and DVDs.  Originally from McClure , PA , Mike lives in Dillsburg, PA with his wife Sue.  They have two  children, Amy and Tim.  Amy lives in Dillsburg , PA , with her husband, Mahlon Harlacher , and their children Elliot, Sophie, Simone, and Josiah.  Tim, his wife, Alicia, daughter, Harper, and son, Ryan, live in York, PA.
MIKE JACOBS - Mike has written dozens of Gospel songs over the years, many of which have been recorded by the Jacobs Brothers. Mike is the lead singer and musical coordinator for the group. An original member of the group, Mike has been singing with the Jacobs Brothers since his high school days. Mike lives in Dillsburg with his wife Sherri, and has two children, Andrew and Holly. Andrew ("Drew") is the Program Director at the Kingís Kidsí Camp and lives in Dillsburg with his wife Michelle and their daughters Kawena & Maya; and Holly resides in Mechanicsburg, PA with her husband Matthew Holbrook, son Dean and daughter Leanna.
BOB JACOBS - Bob committed his life to Christ while he was in the U. S. Air Force. He went on to earn a B.A. degree in Biblical Literature at Messiah College. Since the Jacobs Brothers' ministry began in 1962, he has served as bass singer and manager for the group. Over the years, the Lord has worked through Bob's preaching to bring many to a personal commitment to Christ. Bob has three sons: Rob, Rick and David. Rob, an Associate Pastor, resides in Hilton Head, SC with his wife Gina, and their children Baylee, Avery and Christopher; Ric, also an Associate Pastor, lives in Mechanicsburg with his wife Jen and their children Eric, Marcus, Bennett, Julia, Annie and Andre; and David resides in Mechanicsburg, PA with his wife Heidi and their children Ella, Brady & Josselin.